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Congratulations for having decided to make a Will, since you are currently in a minority of people who have, and will perform this vital and legally necessary task to ensure that your possessions will be distributed, and affairs dealt with precisely according to your wishes, after you have died.....  

Unfortunately, too many bereaved loved-ones face the legal redress and complications that automatically arise in the absence of a Will; and while many people are aware of the implications of failing to make a Will, nevertheless continue to procrastinate to the point of losing the opportunity altogether, thereby leaving the door open for "complete strangers": the Law, to decide how personal and prized possessions are to be divided and distributed....and at a cost!......

The purpose of this website is not to show you how to write a will, but rather to encourage you to write your own Will using a facility independent of the legal profession in the traditional way, which is perfectly legitimate, since the Law allows for a Last Will & Testament to be drawn up by anyone of legal age; but of course, certain criteria must be met for a Will to be valid.

Fortunately, the Will writing facility presented here takes care of this and more for you, thereby relieving you of the "how to" burden associated with do-it-yourself Will writing.

Having decided to write your own Will, you are no doubt looking for a straight-forward, sure, and inexpensive way to accomplish this, and one that does not require prior knowledge of Will drafting, and familiarity with legal terminology.

Until recently, Will writing kits, Will writing templates and instruction guides provided the determined do-it-yourself Will writer with a foundation on which to create a Last Will and Testament, but these methods have now been surpassed by a superior method: automated 'online' Will writing, because of it's ease of accomplishment at extremely low cost. 

Not only does an online Will writing system provide the most straight-forward and efficient way of creating a valid legal do-it-yourself Will, it does so with great convenience and privacy; and the only "writing" you need do is fill in a simple 'online' questionnaire from your keyboard, and your "automated lawyer" will do the rest for you at a fraction of the cost of "his" human counterpart, for doing, what in most cases, amounts to the same modest amount of work!.......

[ View and examine the questionnaire from which your Last Will And Testament is created.....Example:U.S.A. -  Example: U.K. ]

This is not to say that such services make redundant the services of the legal profession, since estate planning in some cases can be complex, (owing to what may be considered undue complexity of the Law and taxation) and therefore out of necessity, should be handled by a legal professional.

However, it is safe to say that an 'online' Will writing service is more than adequate to accommodate the needs of the average person, or where it is evident that there are no complex issues to negotiate; issues that equate and arise usually with estates of high value, or where there are children from multiple marriages or relationships, for example.

Though most people realize that making a Will is one of life's essential tasks, it does however involve a degree of boldness and the taking of a clinical decision, because it compels us to plan for, and focus on the one event that most of us would have no part of, given the choice!!

To plan for one's death whilst embracing life, takes courage and foresight, and for many, understandably, is a difficult undertaking, so the moment of decisiveness never quite arrives, accounting for the disturbingly high intestacy rates of the United States of America, and the United Kingdom...Cost, of course, is also major contributory factor, particularly with low value estates.......

20 Minutes To Peace Of Mind

So if you are ready, and clear about your intentions, ensure peace of mind by writing your Last Will & Testament today. The average time to complete and print off an 'online' Will is 20-30 minutes, but take as long as you like; there is no time limit..........

Once accomplished, you can take comfort in the knowledge that your wishes will be carried out precisely as stated in your Will without complications, after you have died, since the administering of your Will will be granted automatic authorization, ('grant of probate'); and not least, you have the assurance that your loved-ones will be sparred the burden of being embroiled in what oftentimes proves to be a complicated and long drawn-out legal process at a very difficult time.

Such is the consequence in the absence of a Will, as the State will automatically procure jurisdiction of a deceased person's affairs, and will set about resolving them through a legal process in accordance with the rules or laws of intestacy........

Take these 4 STEPS to ensure that your possessions will be distributed precisely according to your wishes, swiftly and without complications. Will writing and legal knowledge is not required. All necessary and relevant information is provided throughout the step-by-step process.

#1. Write Your Own Will by completing the easy 'online'
       questionnaire, which includes guidance notes.

       Your Last Will and Testament document will automatically be
       formatted and generated with appropriate wording complimen-
       tary to your answers, and will be compliant with the laws of
       jurisdiction, i.e; U.S.A. state, U.K. country, Canadian province
       and Australian territory.

#2. Download and print your document.
       Print as many copies as you need, and later edit and re-print if
       necessary. Your specimen document is safely and securely stored
       for you to access for this purpose.
       This is one of the great advantages of writing a Will 'online'!

#3. Validate your document by the execution of your signature
       and that of two trustworthy witnesses in the presence of
       one another.

       It is only the act of you signing your document that needs to be
       witnessed, and not the contents of your Will. This is to verify that
       you are the maker of the Will.

#4. Your valid legal Last Will and Testament document is now
       ready to be stored in a safe place in the home.

       Inform your Executor of it's whereabouts.

If you require no further information, click on your country to write your Last Will And Testament; otherwise please read on for more in-depth, additional and summarized information......................

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United States Of America



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United Kingdom



Your Last Will & Testament will be created with one of the longest established and expert 'online' Will writing and legal document services: LawDepot.com....the world's leader in this industry!

IMPORTANT Please note: Law Depot are currently offering in addition to their $19/£19 fixed price option, a free one week trial subscription whereby you can create and print as many legal documents as you need from a choice of hundreds of documents. After the one week trial ends, you will automatically be charged a monthly subscription fee of $33 until you cancel your subscription; therefore,  if you opt for the free trial offer, but do not wish to be charged a monthly subscription thereafter, you must cancel your subscription before the trial period ends.

To promote the free trial offer, your Last Will & Testament question- naire will be presented as such, but of course you can choose the normal fixed price option ($19/£19), which affords you two weeks to create, edit and print as many Last Will & Testament documents as you need.

Please note that Law Depot display purchasing options after you have completed your questionnaire.

Affordable Legal Fees For ALL!

Why a Will is necessary.

The act of making a Will invariably stirs up a multitude of sentiments and emotions as we are compelled to acknowledge our mortality, and focus on the inevitability of our departure, sooner or later, from those we love. Very sobering; and for many, understandably, a difficult undertaking.

Making a Will, nevertheless, remains one of the most important tasks anyone should ever undertake, for no other reason than you get to decide who are to inherit your prized possessions, and not the State. Despite this, unfortunately, statistics reveal that only 30% of Americans and Britons will do what is necessary to ensure that transferral of treasured possessions and money after death to loved-ones and desired recipients, will be granted automatic legal authorisation. Failure to make a Will is treated as an act of silence by the Law, so there is nothing to give authorisation to, as for as the Law is concerned......

This is because the Law requires that transferral of possessions (estate) be documented in the form of a "Last Will And Testament", which serves as a legal document that communicates a person's final wishes and intentions as pertaining to possessions and dependents, with effect after death.

A Last Will and Testament, being a legal document, serves to guarantee and safeguard a deceased's person's interests by ensuring through a legal process that expressed wishes and intentions be honoured and fulfilled, which, by default, eliminates any unfounded or unwarranted claims to possessions (estate); although the Law does allow for a Will to be contested........

Someone who dies holding a valid Last Will And Testament document will be granted automatic legal authorisation for their estate (possessions) to be administered (dealt with), and of course, precisely according to wishes and intentions stated in the Will; but despairingly, someone who fails to make a Will, by default, will have completely relinquished this right to the State, who will determine through a legal process in accordance with Intestacy Law, how the deceased's estate is to be divided and distributed, and who is to administer it!......

If you have decided to write your own Will, but are not quite sure how to approach this task, or are undecided as to which method to employ, then once again, you are assured that no other do-it-yourself method can rival 'online' Will writing for built-in integrity and efficiency. If it is your intention to write your Will free, then perhaps you may first consider the advantages of 'online' Will writing and it's extremely low cost. However, writing a valid Will yourself at no cost is a noteworthy achievement if you are prepared to acquire the necessary knowledge to do so........

Affordable Legal Fess For ALL

What is an 'online' Will writing system? 

An 'online' Will writing system is essentially a step-by-step questionnaire with guidance notes, in conjunction with a foundation template, which dispenses with the need for you to be familiar with the constitution, legalities and drafting of a Will, since the information you provide will automatically be generated into a pre-formatted correctly laid out document inclusive of requisite and appropriate legal wording, in compliance with Will drafting criteria and requirements.

Because of the integrated functionality of such a system, 'online' Will writing is now the most straight-forward, reliable and efficient means for the layman. All that is required of you is to complete a questionnaire from your computer keyboard, and your quality, valid legal Last Will and Testament document will be automatically produced for you to print off and execute; i.e; to be signed by you and two witnesses. You also have the distinct advantage of being able to edit and re-print your Will at a later date, if necessary!.......

Whichever method you decide upon, the final objective is to be safe in the knowledge that you are the holder of a valid legal document, where you can expect your estate and affairs to be dealt with swiftly and without complications, and precisely according to your wishes. Not only should this be important to you, but it will greatly benefit your loved-ones, whom will be spared a potential costly and time consuming legal marathon at such a difficult time....the consequences for many who fail to take action by making their wishes legally known before they die, or in such cases where a Will is deemed invalid!.......

Affordable Legal Fees For ALL!

Testator, Executor, Probate.

Someone who makes a valid Will is known as a 'Testator' (Testatrix;fem). The person who is to administer (deal with) the Testator's estate and affairs after death, is known as the 'Executor' of the Will, who is appointed by the Testator and named in the Will as such. It is an Executor's responsibility to apply to the 'Probate Registry' for the granting of legal authority to administer an estate, known as 'grant of probate' and is supported by a legal document to confirm the granting of this authority; without which, an Executor has no power to act on behalf of the Testator. Thus, probate can only be granted where there is a valid legal Will.

However, where an estate is small, exemption from probate can be granted where specific requirements are met. You can verify your status by consulting your respective State Probate Registry. 'online'. Where an estate is subject to probate, it is important to appoint someone who is able and willing to do what an Executor's role entails, should it be your desire for your Will to be administered exclusively by your Executor, with the purpose of circumventing the services of the legal profession and it's exorbitant fees!.......

Affordable Legal Fees For ALL!

Intestacy and it's consequences. 

Someone who dies without having made a valid Will is said to have died 'intestate', and unfortunately, statistics confirm that a vast majority,  approx.70%, of Americans and Britons die intestate. Australians and Canadians appear to give more credence to the importance of making a Will, by virtue of considerably lower intestacy rates of approx.51% and 45% respectively. In all cases of 'intestacy', the State will determine through a court process, in accordance with Intestacy Law, how the intestate person's estate and affairs are to be administered.

This effectively means that if you did not make your wishes known by having failed to make a Will, the State will act on your behalf and make decisions in place of you, but of course there can be no guarantee that these decisions will reflect those you would have made, had you made a Will! However, in simple cases of intestacy, e.g., where there is but one potential beneficiary such as a spouse or child; one can normally expect a satisfactory outcome, eventually, but not without also having gone through the due legal process.........Don't allow intestacy to become your default 'beneficiary'!.......(See Intestacy; left)

However, there is every reason to believe that the disconcerting intestacy rate of 30% (approx.) will steadily improve as increasingly more people become acquainted with 'online' Will writing and the scope it offers in terms of convenience, ease of accomplishment, quickness and inexpense!

 Affordable Legal Fees For ALL!

Making a Will should not be burdensome, complicated
and expensive!

The purpose of a Will for most of us, is quite simply to document how our possessions are to be distributed after we have died. It is a personal act of making known 'who is to receive what' from our estate, for the knowledge and benefit of those whom we desire to be recipients, so this need not be complicated and expensive, as you will hopefully soon discover with your 'online' Will writing service, which, because of it's ease of use, convenience and low cost, has delivered many from the clutches of intestacy, and will continue to do so as legal professionals continue to charge fees which are becoming increasingly prohibitive to the ordinary person, amidst the difficult economic climate most of us are having to contend with!.......

Because there can never be an acceptable alternative to you deciding the fate of your estate, take this opportunity now and Write Your Own Will. The cost will be just 20-30 minutes of your time and a mere fraction of what a legal professional would charge; such a small price to pay for peace of mind and confidence, knowing that you are the holder of a 100% legally binding document; which should leave you in no doubt that your wishes will be honoured and fulfilled to the letter!.......

What you can expect from the leading 'online'
Will writing and legal document service.

write-your-own-will.com has determined LawDepot to be
  currently providing the best all-round 'online' Will writing and legal
 document service for the following reasons:

    Long established and highly regarded company with over
      one million satisfied customers.

    Leading publisher of D.I.Y legal documentation; developed and       backed by lawyers under a fair pricing policy.

    Private, safe and secure service with full back-up and support.

    Simple step-by-step questionnaire format with guidance notes.

    Two weeks free license to create, edit, save and print as many         copies of your Last Will and Testament document as you need.

    100% Satisfaction and Quality Guarantee.

    Easy to understand Law Library and Frequently Asked
      Questions, plus Help.

    "Ask a Lawyer" and Live Support facilities.

    Comprehensive and dedicated all-round service at prices       anyone can afford!.......

   N.B. There is no charge for this recommendation. Prices stated are LawDepot's normal low price;           exactly what you will pay...............................................................................................

 Affordable Legal Fees For ALL!

'Online' Will writing surpasses all other DIY methods!

Never before has it been so easy to perform a task which is mistakenly portrayed as "something best left to the experts"; and while it is true that one should refer complex matters to an expert, or at least seek expert advice, it is safe to say that drafting a standard legal Will has always been within the capabilities of most people, given the criteria of a valid legal Will; but due to the propagating power of the internet, awareness of this fact is rapidly increasing, accounting for the dramatic increase in interest and the practise of D.I.Y Will writing; with 'online' Will writing, by far the superior option, and now the preferred option!.......

For most people, writing a Will 'online' will be a straight-forward affair, but occasionally there will be instances where it is necessary to make known specific requirements or conditions, so you have the option of inserting clauses into your document; and you don't have to use highfalutin legal jargon in the process; just straight-forward, clear everyday speech will suffice; the way it should be, for the sake of clarity! Extra guidance is given in this area should you need it. And if you have reason to believe that your Will may involve matters that require specialist advice, you have several resources to call upon: 'Ask a Lawyer', Live Support, Law Library, FAQ and Help & Support.

Your 'online' Will writing service offers, for a small charge, a 'peace of mind' Will review, which means you can have your Will checked for completeness, clarity and consistency, along with correct syntax, grammar and spelling. This is entirely optional and may be considered if you feel, for whatever reason, that you need that little bit of extra reassurance, or in particular, if you have inserted clauses into your document and would like these checked for integrity according to the above criteria. Completeness, clarity and consistency should not be an issue if you have been careful to answer each question fully and accurately in the order presented within the carefully formatted questionnaire, as would be the case with any questionnaire.

Affordable Legal Fees For ALL! 

Take as long as you like to write your Will.

Since making a Will should hopefully be a once-in-a-lifetime undertaking, it is necessary that due consideration be given to the importance of the task, so be absolutely sure about your intentions. However, should you later wish to edit, change, or re-write your Will, LawDepot affords you two weeks free license from the time of purchase, to create, edit, save and print as many copies of your Last Will and Testament document as you need! Naturally, should you make a new Will, the previous one will be revoked.......

The average time to complete an 'online' Will is 20-30 mins., but feel free to take as long as is necessary. Some 'online' services claim that you can create and print off your Will in as little as 5-10 minutes, but it makes little sense to think that anything can be gained by investing so little time in something so significant and important as making a Will.........

Should you for any reason be unable to complete your Will in the intended session, you can save what you have done and continue when next convenient, before finally downloading your document ready for printing and signing.

Affordable Legal Fees For ALL! 

There's no place like home for private and personal matters!

Like most people, you will naturally approach this task with some deliberation, since making a Will is a milestone event, and one of life's poignant moments, so treat it is as a special occasion, despite any sense of finality you may feel; and know, whatever your disposition, that your 'online' Will writing experience will be painless in terms of time, effort and financial cost; and enjoy the benefit of having performed this very personal and sentimental task from the privacy and comfort of your home

Your Last Will and Testament document can be kept in a safe place in the home, the whereabouts of which your Executor should be informed, and it is a good idea to keep details in this same place, with regard to your financial affairs, i.e. banking, insurance, utilities, and other relevant matters, together with a list of people whom you wish to be informed of your passing away. In fact, anything you can do to help make your Executor's role as straight-forward as possible, as this will result in a more swift and smoother administering of your Will......................................

To ensure that your possessions will be distributed precisely according to your wishes after you die,

Click here to Write Your Last Will And Testament

 United States Of America U.S.ACanada Canada  United Kingdom U.K.  Australia Australia 

Simply enter your details according to LawDepot's  step-by-step instructions.  Prior legal knowledge is not required, since all relevant legal terms are explained as you proceed; and you need not be concerned about appropriate legal wording, as this will be automatically generated into your document...Please note: Before you are able to view your completed document in full, Law Depot requests that you purchase your license, which means the purchase of your Will..............

If you are not familiar with the constitution of a legal Will, and wish to be, before proceeding with your Will, then please see below. However, you are not required to possess this knowledge in order to create your Will 'online', but foreknowledge in this regard may be helpful..............................

◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊ Last Will And Testament◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊ 

A 'Will', 'Last Will', or 'Last Will and Testament' is a legally binding document, so called, because it is the means, (and only means) by which a person legally declares or communicates his or her final wishes and intentions, as pertaining to possessions (estate) and dependents, with effect after death................................................................................

Someone who makes a valid Will is known as a 'TESTATOR' . The Testator's wishes and intentions must be honoured and fulfilled exactly as expressed in the Will;  although the Law, in some instances, allows for a Will to be challenged...........................................................................

The person responsible for administering the Will  (i.e. the one who is to deal with the Testator's estate and affairs), is known as the 'EXECUTOR' or 'Personal Representative, who is  appointed  by  the  Testator,  and  named  in  the  Will  as  such.  The  Executor  should  be  someone known and trusted by the Testator............................................

A person designated by the Testator to receive a 'GIFT', is known as a 'BENEFICIARY'. A gift is anything. An Executor can be a Beneficiary.....

                           For a Will to be a valid legal document:

 1). The Testator must be over *18 years of age, and of sound mind,
       and must clearly identify himself or herself as the maker of the Will        which should be entitled: 'Last Will And Testament'

 2). Wishes and intentions must be clearly stated, thus void of

 3). The person(s) who is to administer the Will; i.e, the Executor(s),        must be identified or named in the Will

 4). Any previous Wills and codicils must be revoked by making a        statement to that effect.

 5). The Will must be witnessed.  Three signatures are required; the        Testator's and that of two Witnesses, which must be executed in        the presence of one another, with the Testator's signature and        date concluding the Will, followed by the Witnesses signatures and        date.  Only the Testator's signature need be witnessed, and not        the contents of the Will.

 6). A Witness cannot be a Beneficiary.......................................................

What exactly is an 'estate'?...Literally everything a person owns; the sum total of one's possessions...................................................................

Please note that estate planning criteria is not entirely consistent throughout jurisdictions of the U.S.A., U.K., Canada and Australia, so the information given here may not entirely reflect accurately the criteria of your particular jurisdiction. For example, a *Scottish Will can be made by a minor of 12 years. However, the general principles apply throughout, and your Will writing service ensures compliance with your particular jurisdiction...................................................................................


Affordable Legal Fees For ALL! 

So, why do so many people fail to make a Will?

There are many and varied reasons, apart from cost, why so many fail to make a Will, despite the consequences for not doing so. Some of the more common reasons are:.....Making a Will is probably the most poignant reminder that death is a reality and has to be faced sooner or later, and for many, understandably, the great sense of finality that making a Will evokes, causes many to blank off from facing this vital task, resulting in terminal procrastination....and a Will never to be written!........

Then there are those who are comfortable with their mortality, know about intestacy, intend to write a Will, but put it off for a multitude of reasons. Some find the whole idea overwhelming; visiting a lawyer or solicitor daunting or intimidating; and surprisingly, many fail to make a Will simply because they don't know that transferral of possessions is subject to legal authorization. They assume that their estate will be automatically transferred to their spouse or next of kin, after they have died!........

Affordable Legal Fees For ALL! 


Writing Your Own Will

There should be no doubts about the importance of a Will, and the conseq- uences of intestacy. You have chosen to write your own Will, so it is a  matter of how this is to be accomplished.  

There is nothing to stop you from writing your own Will on sheets of A4 paper from your printing tray, or indeed any suitable paper medium;  provided you are familiar with the constitution of a legal Will.

To make it easier, you could download a Will writing template, or easiest of all, you could purchase a formatted D.I.Y Will writing kit with guidance notes, which has become a popular method in recent years. These are viable options, but they cannot compare in terms of the ease and convenience 'online' Will writing offers, which is why it is now the preferred method, particularly with computer users.

An 'online' Will writing system is effectively an "automated lawyer" which makes the process of D.I.Y Will writing easier, quicker and more efficient than any other method.

No longer is it necessary to be conversant with Will writing criteria and legal terminology in order to create a valid legal D.I.Y Will, since an 'online' Will writing system has this criteria programmed into the software, with relevant legal terms explained as you proceed, and all appropriate wording and phrasing automatically generated in to your document; dispensing with the need for you to have to be concerned about anything other than providing the details of your Will.

Obviously an automated Will writing system cannot replicate the versatility of human interaction, but provide correct information and it will reward you with a 100% legally binding document; plus the huge reward of having saved a fortune!

All you need be concerned about is providing the required information, and the rest is done for you.  You will be guided step-by-step through the straight-forward "writing" process before finally downloading and printing off your document. 

Finally, your document will be validated by the execution of your signature and that of two trustworthy witnesses in the presence of one another.  

Click here to Write Your Last Will And Testament

...................Successful and satisfying "writing"; if you Will!.....................

If you are not quite ready to write your Will and would like more time to consider your intentions, then bookmark this page and return when you are ready to do so. Proceed with your Will only if you are absolutely sure and clear about your intentions...................................................................... 

 - Thank you for visiting  write-your-own-will.com -

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This is at no extra cost to you, and this website does not display adverts or entice you into other paid or unas- ociated offers, thereby resp- ecting the purpose of your visit, which is to write your own Will .............................

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It is designed specifically for anyone, whom, for whatever reason, wishes to make a Will independent of the legal profession in the traditional way, by utilizing a trusted do-it-yourself 'online' Will writing service at an afford- able price. This website promotes a genuine and low cost Will writing opportunity from a service it believes to be ahead of the rest in the rapidly growing industry of 'online' Will writing and legal documentation....................

Because it is this website's resolve to determine the one service it considers to be above all others, you can be sure that your 'online' Will writing experience will be one of satisfaction and confidence, knowing that you will be the holder of a 100% legally binding quality document, provided to you by a service that  has been instrumental in collectively saving over one million satisfied customers, many millions of $'s and £'s in legal fees!..........................

So, based on key criteria of longevity, quality of service and product, and of course price, along with other distinguishing factors, you can have confidence, as a prospective testator, that this website's appraisal of 'online' Will writing and legal document services will have relieved you from the sifting work and alleviated you of the natural concerns that accompany such an import- ant undertaking as making a Will, by offering a service who are hype free and expert in their field, and therefore will not fail to fulfill the seriousness and exact- ing standards you are entitled to expect where legal documentation is concerned...and it should be noted that the credibility and existence of this website is wholly dependant on the credibility and quality of the one service it should promote at any given time!..

However, since making a Will is one ot the most important tasks you are ever likely to undertake, it is vitally important that you are confident about your choice of service, so do verify this website's claim by assessing the recomm- ended service for yourself, before proceeding with your Will, in order to be satisfied of the credentials of whom is to provide you with one of the most important legal documents you are ever to be the holder of!.................

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  Why Write Your Own Will ?

This website advocates the practice of D.I.Y. Will writing by any means. It endorses 'online' Will writing above all other D.I.Y. methods, since no prior legal knowledge is required, as all relevant legal terms are explained as you proceed, and the potential for human error is all but eliminated, because you will systematically provide your details in accordance with a carefully formatted e-questionnaire with built-in verification. The appropriate wording will be automatically generated for you, and the integrity of your document guaranteed! If it is your desire to write your own Will easily and quickly, then 'online' Will writing is considered, by far, to be the superior option......

So, why write your own Will? Well, it has to be said that writing a Will is well within the capabilities of most people, since the purpose of a Will is quite simply to document how ones estate and affairs are to be dealt with after death; and writing your own Will by any means, has never been easier, more accessible and affordable, so failure to make a Will, per se, should no longer be an option................................

Whichever method you employ  to accomplish this once-in a-lifetime vital and necessary task, you will have been afforded the satisfaction of having crea- ted a confidential and valid legal document, which you may have had reason to believe was beyond the scope of a non-legal profes- sional, and by so doing, you will of course have saved a fortune; all from the comfort and privacy of your home. So be sure to congratulate yourself for having done what so many, surprisingly, fail to do; and that is: determine according to YOUR wishes, the destiny of your life's "achievements"!..

N.B. Should you have reason to believe that your Will may involve matters of a compl- ex nature, then do not hesitate to seek expert advice from the Will writing service before proceeding with your Will......................

Affordable Legal Fees For ALL!


Someone who dies without having made a Will, is said to have died "intestate".The consequences of "intestacy" can be far-reaching, since the intestate person's affairs will automatically come under the jurisdiction of the State, who will then determine, in accord with Intestacy Law, how the deceased's estate is to be administered, and who is to be the administrator of it; and ultimately; who is to receive what!.....................

The consequences can be more pronounced where there are several potential beneficiaries, since it is unlikely that the deceased's estate will be administered in accord with their wishes, as would be the case, had they made a Will.................

Apart from the high costs incurred, resolving intestacy will invariably be a complex and long drawn out process, and too often a cause of distress for grieving loved- ones, and dissention among family members!................ An outcome surely to be avoided at all costs!............

Unfortunately, many people who fail to make a Will, assume that their estate, i.e. their property, money and possessions, will be automatically assigned to their spouse or next of kin at death. Ideally, this should be the case, but the Law does see things quite differently! Even in the simplest case, where there is only one potential beneficiary, transferral of an estate is still subject to Intestacy Law and the due legal process......................

Intestacy Law is complex, so will not be covered here; suffice to say, if you make a valid Will, you are in the fortunate minority who will be spared this all too common and unnecessary calamity!............................

Don't let the State decide for you!

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If you have made a valid Will, then you can be sure that your affairs will be dealt with precisely according to your wishes, after you have died. However, there may come a time, normally later in life, when you are unable to deal with your financial affairs due to incapacity of some kind. This could be either a physical or mental condition which prevents you from performing what were once straight-forward everyday tasks...................

For example, you may not be able to perform a simple task like writing and signing a cheque, either because you are physically incapable or because your mental capacity is impaired to the point where you are unable to apply your mind to the task, or you are just not aware of what you are doing, and therefore can be considered to be lacking soundness of mind.The most common cause of mental incapacity is Dementia, which affects 1/7 Americans and Britons over the age of 71......................................

Should you have the mis-fortune of becoming afflicted in this way, then you will be incapable of dealing with your finances, and no doubt all or most of your affairs, particularly those that invol- ve decision making; so it is not without foundation to plan for a time when you may be afflicted in this way..

This of course, for most of us, is a matter that does not bear thinking about, but it is nevertheless, a reality for many, and although your quality of life may be considerably reduced, your loved-ones and children, will no doubt, want the best for you, and this will involve making decisions on your behalf when you are unable to do so. You will therefore need to appoint someone who can act on your behalf and deal with your affairs.....

For this to happen, the Law requires that such a person is legally authorised  to do so. This is understandable particularly in financial mat- ters, and not least, where decisions relating to health, medical and welfare issues have to be made.................

 'POWER OF ATTORNEY' is where 'a person' gives 'another person' full legal authority to act on his or her behalf and manage his or her interests and affairs.

It is a legal document for this purpose........

There are several forms of 'Power of Attorney'; the relevant ones here being:

'Lasting Power of Attorney', relating to property and finance...............................

'Lasting Power of Attorney', relating to medical, health and welfare........................

Many people who make a Will, also create a 'Lasting Power of Attorney'

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